Anna Y. Q. Ho


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I am a Miller Fellow at UC Berkeley. Starting Fall 2022, I will be an assistant professor in the Department of Astronomy at Cornell.

I am interested in high-energy astrophysics, particularly the explosive manifestations of stellar death. I use a variety of observational techniques, including optical time-domain surveys, radio to submillimeter interferometry, and massively multiplexed spectroscopic surveys. I am an active member of the ZTF, DESI, and CMB-S4 collaborations, and serve as co-chair of the CMB-S4 Sources & Transients working group.

I obtained my PhD in Astrophysics from Caltech in 2020 under the supervision of Shri Kulkarni, working with ZTF. Before coming to Caltech, I spent a year on a Fulbright at the Max Planck Institute for Astronomy in Heidelberg, Germany, where I worked with Hans-Walter Rix, Melissa Ness, and David Hogg on The Cannon. I obtained my B.S. in Physics from MIT in 2014, after spending two summers at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory working with Scott Ransom on millisecond pulsars.

Note for undergraduate students: I have filled positions for Summer 2022 so unfortunately cannot take on additional students.

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